Cacao Ceremony + Intuitive Dance

Dancing in sacred ceremony with Omotayo is a very special, healing, expanding and fun experience. She knows how to create that space where kind transformation can really happen, through loving presence, wise guidance and the magic of cacao.



I am not naturally drawn to Tarot, but the depth of insight that I gain from Omotayo's readings delights and surprises me every time. The readings reveal to me dynamics about my life that somehow I knew about but wasn't able to articulate and then I also feel that I have a clear sense of the emotional work I need to focus on in the months after the reading. So, there is no sense of rushing for another reading, but rather a feeling that I want to explore Omotayo's insights and put them into practice before I go back to learn more.

All of this and the fact that Omotayo is the total package of soulful beauty and insightful young woman of wisdom means that the whole experience is a delight. I am always mesmerised by Omotayo's beautiful hands and their expressive sensitivity somehow seems to draw the cards into an aesthetic spell of her own making.


Moon Circle

Omotayo's moon circles are great. At their heart they offer an opportunity for different people to share themselves in an intimate and honest setting, allowing connection and vulnerability to be celebrated and seen as strength. Moments of genuine, undistracted connection are increasingly rare in this world, and coming to her Moon Circles reminds me what it’s like to put down my smart phone and look into the eyes of others. Its a brief window of sanity in a crazy world.



This was fantastic, she is gifted.

- L.

Cacao Ceremony + Intuitive Dance

As a natural sceptic and the very idea of a cacao ceremony being a rather esoteric concept, I felt I was making a leap into completely unknown territory. The sharing circle at the beginning of the ceremony when the cacao is consumed and where everyone offers their motivation and intention for being there was the perfect precursor as it drew the previously unconnected group together. Hearing everyone speak was reassuring as it created the sense of a safe environment for expression with no appetite for judgement. I felt an instant bond with everyone in the group even though our reasons for being there may have been wildly different. The one thing we all had in common is that we had individually made the decision to attend the ceremony in the first place, which was quite profound to realise.  I love to dance, but have seldom done it in this kind of setting, so again this was an entirely new experience. It was interesting to note that any self-conscious feeling, which was of course an initial concern going into the ceremony, was not present at all and the movement and dancing came totally naturally. The music was rich and varied and easy to dance to and you are free to move in any way you feel, there are no rules - liberating!  I also loved that you can take or leave whatever concepts are offered as they are malleable enough to fit in with your own philosophies. Therefore the ceremony can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter how rudimentary or advanced in alternative thinking you are.

Omotayo lead the group with charisma, enthusiasm and authority with the perceived focus being release, encouragement and unbridled fun. Highly recommended for both the curious and experienced alike. This sceptic is now something of a convert.



Omotayo's Tarot sessions are not just revealing of my past present and future, but her comforting presence, intuition and empathy allows me to positively explore greater existential questions. I always come away feeling comforted, and with much better knowledge about my own potential. Omotayo's readings offer a vision of the possibilities that lie ahead in life but it gives me a chance to cope with current crises with courage and determination. 


Cacao Ceremony + Intuitive Dance

I'm still buzzing from a beautiful cacao ceremony. Omotayo held an amazing space where everyone felt safe to create & share. Beginning with a warm up dance to help the group connect we then sat in a circle to drink cacao & set our intentions for the evening led by some beautifully crafted words from Omotayo. The 5 elements dancing was fun & the ceremony finished with Omotayo singing. A truly unique evening and one I would recommend to everyone.



A wonderful, unexpected bonus that lit up the retreat for me. I loved Omotayo’s authenticity and honest intentions. I loved the tarot reading and want to see her again!

- D.

Cacao Ceremony + Intuitive Dance

I attended a dance ceremony a couple of weeks ago with Omotayo and Mollie (Unmind) and I have to say it was a truly magical experience that has contributed to a special time of personal transformation for me. Their choice of setting was impeccable - Reva Yoga is exactly the kind of blissful, inspiring space you hope to step into for your first ever cacao dance ceremony. The ceremony itself was clearly planned to a tee but still with room for joy and spontaneity. Both Mollie and Omotayo's knowledge of cacao on both a spiritual and biochemical level really primed me for the experience. Doing an hour of yoga with Mollie first after taking cacao together is an AMAZING way to get into your body, and both ladies came out with ideas and sentiments that really helped me to feel the purpose and the significance of the ceremony. Finally we flowed seamlessly into dancing, and Omotayo's choice of music was diverse, fluid, and perfect.

What Omotayo has created with Sacred Shapes is a truly powerful space for people like me (trying to build a better connection with their body and their mind) to heal. If your body doesn't feel as free as it should then this is the place for you.



A really great way to talk though thoughts and problems found it really useful and fascinating. I would happily book another reading with Omotayo.

- J.


I loved this dance and felt liberated, free and inspired. I felt totally comfortable and at ease. What a gift that girl has.

- D.