It seems that these old cards were conceived deep in the guts of human experience, at the most profound level of the human psyche. It is to this level in ourselves that they will speak.
— Sallie Nichols

Tarot is a powerful tool for self-enquiry, self-development and healing.  The cards act as a mirror that gives us a glimpse into the truth of our heart.  What was perhaps buried deep in our subconscious is suddenly laid before us in plain sight, so that we may take stock of where we find ourselves and move ever closer into alignment with our own authenticity.  

The cards themselves depict archetypal imagery that speaks directly to our subconscious, giving us an external visual representation of our own inner landscape.  Archetypes are symbols which resonate with all of humankind regardless of culture, class or creed.  They are the universal characters such as Hero, Teacher, Mother, King that appear again and again in myth and in legends throughout the world.  Each of us embodies a vast number of archetypes in our unique way throughout the course of our lifetime.  Every archetype brings a different quality of being, a different lesson to be learned and a different part of ourselves to be integrated on our path to wholeness.


What to expect from a reading

Have an idea of what areas of your life you would like to cover.  Even if you do decide you want a general overview of your current situation, this will help give some focus to the session.

Be open to discussion - I read what I see in the cards but a session becomes much richer when a client is able to ask and answer questions that help to unpack what we see in the spreads. It is an opportunity for us both to sharpen our intuition and the more the reading can unfold as a collaboration, the richer the outcome of the session.

Nothing is written in stone - although Tarot can offer us a window into where a certain series of events might lead, nothing is ever fixed.  Something as small as a shift in perspective can alter the direction of your life.

Your path is yours to walk - I will never tell you what to do.  Our session will highlight influences, energies and possibilities but ultimately the decisions are yours to make. 

People choose to have a Tarot reading for any number of reasons.  Whatever the issue, I will always be respectful of you and your life choices, as well as according you confidentiality and honesty. 

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Reading Options

Your reading will always be tailored to you.  However, here’s a brief overview on what you can expect from each type of reading:

30 minute reading £25

Perfect for a snapshot reading of a specific situation

60 minute reading £50

Allows us to go more deeply into an issue and unpack things more fully