The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well
— Hippocrates


Plant remedies have been used by peoples all over the world for millennia and are one of nature’s most powerful support tools to help the body heal itself.  In a time before technology, all drugs were natural and all medicines came straight from Mother Earth. Pharmaceutical companies still look to our rainforests in the hopes of discovering new and wonderful healing plants whose mysteries can be decoded and then artificially synthesised in a laboratory (since nature cannot be patented and is therefore not ‘profitable’).   As far back as A.D. 1000, healers used mechanical presses or steam to extract essential oils from fragrant plants.  Scientifically, essential oils are the extracted, volatile (meaning they evaporate quickly and are rapidly absorbed by the body), aromatic compounds found in the leaves, bark, flowers, stems, roots, resin and seeds of plants (or pith of citrus fruits).

There are hundreds of compounds in every oil which provide each plant with distinctive qualities and healing properties.  They exist within the plant as part of the plant's immune system - to protect from predators or other threatening influences, promote healthy reproduction and other vital processes.  And since we too are carbon-based life forms, we have also evolved fully equipped with bodies that are set up to receive all the benefits of essential oils that the plant itself gets.

As the modern use of essential oils continues to grow rapidly, health scientists and medical practitioners continue to research and validate the numerous health and wellness benefits of high quality, indigenously sourced, 100% pure essential oil.


Having worked with essential oils personally since the end of 2017, I have now stepped into a place of educating about and selling dōTERRA essential oils. This company produces high quality oils that are sourced responsibly wherever the plants indigenously grow and thrive.

If you are interested in learning more, I run free, regular workshops where we dive into all above in much more detail.  These workshops are detailed on my Events page but if you are unable to make the dates currently shown, please feel free to get in touch and we can arrange a time that suits you for a complimentary 1-2-1 session.