My favourite colour is October


This year more than any other time in my life I have been acutely aware of the shifting seasons. Autumn is always a beautiful time of the year but this one has felt more poignant than most.  Perhaps it is because I can feel the energy of the season reflected so clearly in the microcosm of my own life or perhaps it is because the practices that take me deeper into my own body inevitably bring me into closer alignment with the body of the planet and her cycles.  Either way, I have been feeling a deep urge to honour this mirroring.  So when the opportunity to create the altar at my monthly 5 Rhythms Medicine Circle came up I responded to the call.  The idea for the altar evolved slowly over the course of a week.  I knew I wanted to feature a collage of autumn leaves of all different shades and so began to walk around the city with me eyes peeled– and in doing so I realised almost every fallen leaf has its own kind of beauty.  Where in summer they are all a uniform green, it is in the process of dying that they are suddenly set aflame with all the hues of a bonfire. 


I sank into the task of gathering specimens with a sense of awe and reverence, honouring the realisation that each perfect leaf I collected was in fact dead or dying.  Observing this process made me acutely aware of what Autumn is really all about – a season of transition.  A time to let things go.  We only need look at the trees to see how beautiful a process this can be when done gracefully and with complete surrender.


We have not yet reached the stillness that is the Winter months.  Deep within us and all around us there is still movement, still activity, still the visible and tangible effects of a deeply mysterious process taking place.  Perhaps we can feel that something is changing or needs to change, perhaps we feel like there is something that is ready to be released.  However, we may feel in these turbulent times – maybe we can look to Nature to remind us how to let these energies flow through us.  Maybe we too can surrender our leaves in a final flurry of light and colour and majesty that is both beautiful and inspiring to others.  Maybe we too can drop the acorns of our Intentions deep into the darkness to wait for Spring.  Maybe we too can give ourselves permission to stand tall and proud, just the bare branches of who we are, ready to withdraw our Life Force and to go inward, ready to retreat into ourselves and find the Winter stillness.

Ty Evans Akingbola